SVS Group has been advising clients on legal, business and financial issues since 2006. Many of these clients are private companies, as well as many public sector organizations.

    Our services are provided at a professional level. We operate in Russia only and within the frameworks of the Russian law. Clients typically want to know:

  • What the law says?
  • What the law means for them?
  • What they should do to implement an effective compliance system and how to build their corporate or marketing strategies?

In many corporate cases, there is a specific issue which leads to the consultancy project. The SVS Group team will address that issue but also explain to the client the other areas if they are any which demand attention.

One of the essential themes of SVS Group’s approach is the consultants’ ability to think laterally about the issues which the clients present to them. The solution may lie in the application of both legal analysis and advice and/or more appropriate management techniques.