Security Audit

In our compliance-driven age, regulatory requirements are increasing audit costs nearly as much as the auditors themselves. Unfortunatley compliance doesn't always mean effective asset protection. Sometimes it can only help to avoid the risk of non-compliance. This is especially true if the organization hasn't already identified the necessary controls for effective asset protection. We are not going to spend your resources on analysis that doesn’t impact actual security.

Background Checks

A detailed, professional Background Check can take the guesswork out of vital business decisions by providing a thorough understanding of an individual’s Background or potential business partner's history and credibility. Employers commonly use Background Checks to recruit the right people for the right roles, whilst landlords use them to qualify the status of prospective tenants.

An efficient Background Check also acts as an essential safeguard against fraudulent activity. Whether you’re looking to hire staff, let property or prepare to make a vital contract. Background Check can help you to prevent possible income loss and damages to reputation and integrity, by confirming the information presented by companies or individuals.

Data Protection

Data protection is extremely important for all companies, large and small. On an almost daily basis, data theft occurs from a multitude of companies, either by accident or on purpose. Such breaches can put the information of thousands of consumers at risk, or enable competitors to access confidential information. Therefore, data protection and data backup go hand in hand. Our methodology has direct relevance to many consulting projects, as techniques developed and lessons learned are applied to a client’s business.

Legal Consulting

We can help your business to develop and succeed. We offer expert and confidential support to help you navigate through regulatory, legislative, market and economic changes without losing focus on your business objectives.

Due Dilligence

Due diligence is about much more than the finances of a business. Our team will help you to understand exactly what you are getting into, what needs to be fixed, what it will cost to fix, and if you are the right person to take on this business.

Debt Recovery

We specialise in speedy and effective debt collection including swift enforcement procedures with no outlay to our clients. Our highly trained debt collectors and lawers recover monies using a combination of pre-legal, legal action and full enforcement procedures.

Regulatory Compliance

Any organisation sooner or later comes under the control of a regulator, we provide support, advice and assurance to help you manage your regulatory risks. In an ever-changing regulatory environment, we help ensure that you identify, manage and control any existing and future regulatory risks.