SVS Group has been advising its clients on legal, business and financial issues since 2006. Many of our clients are private companies as well as public sector organizations.

We operate in Russia only and have built a reputation of professional excellence.

Legal consulting usually makes an indispensable part of many corporate cases due to the complexity of specific issues which need to be addressed. Apart from efficiently handling such issues, the SVS Group team will advise its clients on other matters, if any, which may require attention.

For the efficiency of its approach SVS Group relies heavily on the ability of its experts to think out of the box as the solution may lie in the application of both legal analysis and advice and/or more appropriate management techniques.


In our compliance-driven age, regulatory requirements lead to increasingly higher audit costs nearly as much as the auditors themselves. Unfortunately, compliance doesn't always mean effective asset protection. Sometimes it can only help avoid the risk of non-compliance. This is especially true if the organization hasn't yet identified necessary controls for effective asset protection.

We are not going to divert your resources to doing things that have no bearing on security as we always stick to our areas of expertise.

SVS Group is a trusted advisor and due diligence specialist with a distinct approach and solid reputation. Our clients include banks, insurers, investors, funders and new market entrants.

Our role is to enable a deeper understanding of the profile of risk, value and opportunity in businesses by placing technical due diligence and independent review at the heart of its value proposition.